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Profile Explorer

Profile Explorer visualises the ASCOM Profile store and allows editing of individual values.

Profile Explorer

Those familiar with using RegEdit on the old ASCOM Profile will find similar uses for this tool.

Profile Explorer is installed to the Start Menu\ASCOM Platform\Tools folder. It visualises the Profile store and allows editing of individual values by presenting the store as a hierarchical folder structure in a left pane with values stored in the current folder presented in the linked right pane.

To manage keys, right click on a key in the left hand window and select add, delete or rename as appropriate. The Profile Root key is protected so that you cannot rename or delete it. The context functions can also be activated by selecting the key and pressing Ins to add a key, Del to delete a key and F2 to rename a key.

Both names and values in the right hand pane can be edited. New name value pairs can be added through the * column in the right hand pane. Whole rows in the right pane can be deleted by highlighting the row using the grey box at the left of each line and hitting the delete key. A confirmation box prevents accidental deletion.

Values in the Profile Root are initially protected from writing and deletion and this is indicated by a red background and appropriate tooltip text. The Root Profile values can be made editable by clicking the "Enable Root Edit" item in the Options menu; the background then changes to green as a reminder.

Note Be very careful if changing values in the Profile Root, these are relied upon by the ASCOM Platform and errors may occur if they are changed to unexpected values or deleted.

Note Any changes made in the right hand pane are effective immediately you move to another column or row!