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Diagnostics Tool

The Diagnostics Tool collects information about the ASCOM Platform to aid support.

Diagnostics Tool

This tool can be found in your Start Menu ASCOM Platform 6 folder and collects a variety of information about the system to help diagnose driver and client issues. The collected data is:

  • Operating system name and version including 32/64bit
  • Installed Platform version
  • Memory size
  • Common Language Runtime version
  • Key directory locations
  • List of drives and free space
  • List of COM ports
  • List of loaded assemblies
  • COM Registration entries from the registry
  • Version information for key ASCOM files
  • Version information for key ASCOM GAC files
  • Version information for some installed applications that use ASCOM drivers
  • List of driver registration and compatibility messages. On a 64bit OS a driver's suitability for running in a 64bit application is also reported.
  • Contents of ASCOM releated installer setup logs
  • Results of several hundred application functionality tests on Platform components and Simulators
  • List of Platform errors from the Windows ASCOM error log

When the "Run Diagnostics" button is pressed, the information above is collected into a log file titled ASCOM.Diagnostics.hhmmssssss.txt that will be found in "My Documents\ASCOM\Logs yyyy-mm-dd". This file should be forwarded, together with other log files in the directory, to the person who is helping you.

A suite of functional tests are also run to confirm that the installation performs as expected.

Note Note

No personal information or passwords are recorded in the diagnostics file with the exception of machine name, username and domain name. If you do not wish to reveal this information, please delete these three lines in the diagnostic log.