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ASCOM.Utilities Namespace



This namespace contains the core platform utilities

Public classASCOMProfile
Class that represents a whole device Profile and which contains a set of methods for for manipulating its contents
Public classCache
ASCOM caching component with automatic stale item removal and call rate limiting - this component must be disposed when the driver is closing down. See Dispose for further information.
Public classChooser
The Chooser object provides a way for your application to let your user select the telescope to use.
Public classKeyValuePair
Class that returns a key and associated value
Public classProfile
ASCOM Scope Driver Helper Registry Profile Object
Public classCode exampleSerial
Creates a .NET serial port and provides a simple set of commands to use it.
Public classTimer Obsolete.
Provides a repeating timer with associated tick event.
Public classTraceLogger
Creates a log file for a driver or application. Uses a similar file name and internal format to the serial logger. Multiple logs can be created simultaneously if needed.
Public classUtil
Provides a set of utility functions for ASCOM clients and drivers
Public enumerationSerialHandshake
The control protocol used by the serial port
Public enumerationSerialParity
The type of parity used on the serial port
Public enumerationSerialSpeed
Enumeration of serial port speeds for use with the Serial port
Public enumerationSerialStopBits
Number of stop bits appended to a serial character
Public enumerationUnits
List of available conversion units for use in the Util.ConvertUnits method