Supported Devices

Look in the orange area to the left. Click on the link for the type of device you're interested in. There, you'll find a list of devices that have ASCOM drivers available. Some come with the device itself, others are available from the Download Center here.

How to Get Support

If your device (e.g., telescope) shipped with its ASCOM driver, contact the device manufacturer first. Otherwise, if your device has a driver that was developed by a third party developer, the place to get help is either directly from the developer or on the ASCOM Talk group. People on the ASCOM-Talk group are happy to help with problems. Most driver authors want people to use their drivers and will at least lurk on the group. There are a number of things that you can do to help and these will result in getting a suggested fix much faster.

  1. Report information accurately and completely. It is almost impossible to help if insufficient information is given. We get error reports that basically say "ASCOM isn't working, please fix it". If you are lucky you'll get emails asking questions. More likely you'll not get a reply at all.
  2. Read the help that comes with the driver. Many support questions have already been answered in the driver help. This should be accessible from the driver setup or properties window.
  3. If you can cause the problem at will, write down the steps you took to cause it, producing a "repro scenario". This can be invaluable information.
  4. Contact the driver author or supporter directly or on the ASCOM-Talk group. Look in the driver help file for contact info.

Remember that we aren't looking over your shoulder; we can't see things that are totally obvious to you. We need to know:

Things to Try First

If the driver doesn't work at all then in the majority of cases it is one of the following causes:

If the driver connects and some things work but some don't or the driver connects in one application but not in others then the basic connectivity is OK and the challenge is to find out why a particular function isn't working; we need to know:

A good technique, especially for application or script authors, is to post a code fragment that demonstrates the problem. Try to reduce this to the minimum that shows the problem.

Remember that some of the people involved in ASCOM are part time and often have other jobs, so replies can take a few days.