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ASCOM.DeviceInterface Namespace

ASCOM.DeviceInterface Namespace


This namespace contains master device interface definitions and is considered authoritative within the ASCOM community.

Public interfaceIAxisRates
A collection of rates at which the telescope may be moved about the specified axis by the MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) method. This is only used if the telescope interface version is 2 or 3
Public interfaceICameraV2
Defines the ICamera Interface
Public interfaceIDomeV2
Defines the IDome Interface
Public interfaceIFilterWheelV2
Defines the IFilterWheel Interface
Public interfaceIFocuserV2
Provides universal access to Focuser drivers
Public interfaceIObservingConditions
Defines the IObservingConditions Interface. This interface provides a limited set of values that are useful for astronomical purposes for things such as determining if it is safe to open or operate the observing system, for recording astronomical data or determining refraction corrections.
Public interfaceIRate
Describes a range of rates supported by the MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) method (degrees/per second) These are contained within an IAxisRates collection and serve to describe one or more supported ranges of rates of motion about a mechanical axis. It is possible that the Maximum and Minimum properties will be equal. In this case, the IRate object expresses a single discrete rate. Both the Minimum and Maximum properties are always expressed in units of degrees per second. This is only using for Telescope InterfaceVersions 2 and 3
Public interfaceIRotatorV2
Defines the IRotator Interface
Public interfaceISafetyMonitor
Defines the ISafetyMonitor Interface
Public interfaceISwitchV2
Defines the ISwitchV2 Interface
Public interfaceITelescopeV3
Defines the ITelescope Interface
Public interfaceITrackingRates
Returns a collection of supported DriveRate values that describe the permissible values of the TrackingRate property for this telescope type.
Public interfaceIVideo
Defines the IVideo Interface.
Public interfaceIVideoFrame
Defines the IVideoFrame Interface.
Public enumerationAlignmentModes
The alignment mode of the mount.
Public enumerationCameraStates
ASCOM Camera status values.
Public enumerationDriveRates
Well-known telescope tracking rates.
Public enumerationEquatorialCoordinateType
Equatorial coordinate systems used by telescopes. Only used with telescope interface versions 2 and 3
Public enumerationGuideDirections
The direction in which the guide-rate motion is to be made.
Public enumerationPierSide
The pointing state of the mount
Public enumerationSensorType
Sensor type, identifies the type of colour sensor V2 cameras only
Public enumerationShutterState
ASCOM Dome ShutterState status values.
Public enumerationTelescopeAxes
The telescope axes Only used with if the telescope interface version is 2 or 3
Public enumerationVideoCameraFrameRate
ASCOM Video Camera supported frame rates.
Public enumerationVideoCameraState
ASCOM Video Camera status values.