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ASCOM.Astrometry Namespace

ASCOM.Astrometry Namespace


This namespace contains all ASCOM astrometry components together with associated enums and structures. The astrometry components (Transform, NOVAS-COM and Kepler) are located in the ASCOM.Astrometry.Components namespace while unified enums and structures are in the ASCOM.Astrometry namespace and serve all three components.

Transform is a new component while those familiar with the Kepler and NOVAS-COM components will recognise find all of their functionality in this namespace. Further information is given in the "Which NOVAS" topic at the head of this help file.

  Class Description
Public class DeltaT
Static class containing one member to return the value of Delta T for a given Julian date.
  Structure Description
Public structure BodyDescription
Structure to hold body type, number and name
Public structure CatEntry
Structure to hold astrometric catalogue data
Public structure CatEntry3
Catalogue entry structure
Public structure FundamentalArgs
Structure to hold Sun and Moon fundamental arguments
Public structure InSpace
Observer’s position and velocity in a near-Earth spacecraft.
Public structure Object3
Celestial object structure
Public structure Observer
General specification for the observer's location
Public structure OnSurface
Parameters of observer's location
Public structure PosVector
Structure to hold a position vector
Public structure RAOfCio
Right ascension of the Celestial Intermediate Origin (CIO) with respect to the GCRS.
Public structure SiteInfo
Structure to hold site information
Public structure SkyPos
Celestial object's place in the sky
Public structure VelVector
Structure to hold a velocity vector
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Accuracy
Calculation accuracy
Public enumeration Body
Body number starting with Mercury = 1
Public enumeration BodyType
Type of body, Major Planet, Moon, Sun or Minor Planet
Public enumeration CoordSys
Coordinate system of the output position
Public enumeration EarthDeflection
Location of observer, determining whether the gravitational deflection due to the earth itself is applied.
Public enumeration EquinoxType
Type of equinox
Public enumeration EventType
Type of event for which an ephemeris is required
Public enumeration FrameConversionDirection
Direction of frame conversion
Public enumeration GstType
Type of sidereal time
Public enumeration Method
Computation method
Public enumeration NutationDirection
Direction of nutation correction
Public enumeration ObjectType
Type of object
Public enumeration ObserverLocation
Location of observer
Public enumeration Origin
Co-ordinate origin: centre of Sun or solar system barycentre
Public enumeration OutputVectorOption
Output vector reference system
Public enumeration PoleOffsetCorrection
Type of pole ofset
Public enumeration ReferenceSystem
Reference system in which right ascension is given
Public enumeration RefractionOption
Type of refraction correction
Public enumeration Target
Body or location
Public enumeration TransformationDirection
Direction of transformation: ITRS to Terrestrial Intermediate or vice versa
Public enumeration TransformationOption
Type of transformation: Epoch, Equator and Equinox or all three
Public enumeration TransformationOption3
Type of transformation