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NOVAS3LimbAngle Method
Determines the angle of an object above or below the Earth's limb (horizon).

Namespace: ASCOM.Astrometry.NOVAS
Assembly: ASCOM.Astrometry (in ASCOM.Astrometry.dll) Version: (
public void LimbAngle(
	double[] PosObj,
	double[] PosObs,
	ref double LimbAng,
	ref double NadirAng


Type: SystemDouble
Position vector of observed object, with respect to origin at geocenter, components in AU.
Type: SystemDouble
Position vector of observer, with respect to origin at geocenter, components in AU.
Type: SystemDouble
Angle of observed object above (+) or below (-) limb in degrees.
Type: SystemDouble
Nadir angle of observed object as a fraction of apparent radius of limb: < 1.0 ... below the limb; = 1.0 ... on the limb; > 1.0 ... above the limb
The geometric limb is computed, assuming the Earth to be an airless sphere (no refraction or oblateness is included). The observer can be on or above the Earth. For an observer on the surface of the Earth, this function returns the approximate unrefracted altitude.
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