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I would like to gratefully acknowledge Tim Long, Chris Rowland, Chris Norman, Rob Morgan and Bob Denny for constructive discussions, knowledge transfer, help in design and for testing development versions of Platform 6.0.

Thanks all!

Peter Simpson

Corporate Acknowledgements

The ASCOM development team are very pleased to acknowledge support from companies that provided free copies of key enabling applications to assist this open source project. The applications have provided a valuable, stable and effective development environment and are instrumental in enabling us to deliver this update and future platforms.

Product Company Purpose Web Site
Visual SVN Server Visual SVN Limited Version control based on Subversion
Visual SVN Client Visual SVN Limited Version studio integration for Subversion
TeamCity Server JetBrains Continuous integration, build and unit test server
ReSharper JetBrains Code analysis and quality monitoring with refactoring capability
Jira Server Altassian Issue tracking and release management

logo resharper