Rate Class
Describes a range of rates supported by the MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) method (degrees/per second) These are contained within an AxisRates collection and serve to describe one or more supported ranges of rates of motion about a mechanical axis. It is possible that the Maximum and Minimum properties will be equal. In this case, the Rate object expresses a single discrete rate. Both the Minimum and Maximum properties are always expressed in units of degrees per second. This is only using for Telescope InterfaceVersions 2 and 3

Namespace: ASCOM.DriverAccess
Assembly: ASCOM.DriverAccess (in ASCOM.DriverAccess.dll) Version: (


public class Rate : IRate
Visual Basic
Public Class Rate _
	Implements IRate
Visual C++
public ref class Rate : IRate


Values used must be non-negative and are scalar values. You do not need to supply complementary negative rates for each positive rate that you specify. Movement in both directions is achieved by the application applying an appropriate positive or negative sign to the rate when it is used in the MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) command.

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