A collection of rates at which the telescope may be moved about the specified axis by the MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) method. This is only used if the telescope interface version is 2 or 3

Namespace: ASCOM.DriverAccess
Assembly: ASCOM.DriverAccess (in ASCOM.DriverAccess.dll) Version: (


public class AxisRates : IAxisRates, IEnumerator
Visual Basic
Public Class AxisRates _
	Implements IAxisRates, IEnumerator
Visual C++
public ref class AxisRates : IAxisRates, 


See the description of the MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) method for more information.

This method must return an empty collection if MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) is not supported.

The values used in IRate members must be non-negative; forward and backward motion is achieved by the application applying an appropriate sign to the returned IRate values in the MoveAxis(TelescopeAxes, Double) command.

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