DeviceIdAttribute Class
An attribute for declaratively associating an assembly, class or property with an ASCOM device ID (and optionally, a display name).

Namespace: ASCOM
Assembly: ASCOM.Attributes (in ASCOM.Attributes.dll) Version: (


public sealed class DeviceIdAttribute : Attribute
Visual Basic
Public NotInheritable Class DeviceIdAttribute _
	Inherits Attribute
Visual C++
public ref class DeviceIdAttribute sealed : public Attribute


This attribute is intended for use in two main situations:
  1. Settings management and integration with Visual Studio designers - When this attribute is placed on the driver's Properties.Settings class, it propagates down to each of the settings properties. When the setting is passed to the ASCOM.SettingsProvider class at runtime, the settings provider looks for this attribute to determine which settings hive to save the value in when it is passed to Profile.
  2. Deployment - The values in this attribute could be used by an installer custom action to perform ASCOM registration during setup. Historically this has been handled programmatically, but there are trends towards a more declarative approach to deployment (for example WiX, Windows Installer Xml). It is expected that such an installer may need to obtain registration data by reflecting on the assemblies being installed. Placing this attribute at the assembly level will assist in this situation.

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