NOVAS3: Class presenting the contents of the USNO NOVAS 3 library published December 2009. NOVAS was developed by the Astronomical Applications department of the United States Naval Observatory.

Namespace: ASCOM.Astrometry.NOVAS
Assembly: ASCOM.Astrometry (in ASCOM.Astrometry.dll) Version: (


public class NOVAS3 : INOVAS3, IDisposable
Visual Basic
Public Class NOVAS3 _
	Implements INOVAS3, IDisposable
Visual C++
public ref class NOVAS3 : INOVAS3, IDisposable


If you wish to explore or utilise NOVAS3 please see USNO's extensive help document "NOVAS 3 Users Guide" (NOVAS C3.0 Guide.pdf) included in the ASCOM Platform Docs start menu folder. The latest revision is also available on the USNO web site at in the "C Edition of NOVAS" link.

If you use NOVAS, please send an e-mail through this page: as this provides evidence to USNO that justifies further improvements and developments of NOVAS capabilities.

Note: This class is now deprecated, please use NOVAS31 instead.

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