Returns a safearray of int of size NumX * NumY containing the pixel values from the last exposure.

Namespace: ASCOM.DeviceInterface
Assembly: ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces (in ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces.dll) Version: (


Object ImageArray { get; }
Visual Basic
ReadOnly Property ImageArray As Object
Visual C++
property Object^ ImageArray {
	Object^ get ();

Field Value

The image array.


The application must inspect the Safearray parameters to determine the dimensions.

Note: if NumX or NumY is changed after a call to StartExposure it will have no effect on the size of this array. This is the preferred method for programs (not scripts) to download iamges since it requires much less memory.

For color or multispectral cameras, will produce an array of NumX * NumY * NumPlanes. If the application cannot handle multispectral images, it should use just the first plane.


ASCOM..::..NotConnectedExceptionMust throw exception if data unavailable.

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