Appends further message to a line started by LogStart, does not terminate the line.

Namespace: ASCOM.Utilities.Interfaces
Assembly: ASCOM.Utilities (in ASCOM.Utilities.dll) Version: (


void LogContinue(
	string Message
Visual Basic
Sub LogContinue ( _
	Message As String _
Visual C++
void LogContinue(
	String^ Message


Type: System..::..String
The additional message to appear in the line


This can be called multiple times to build up a complex log line if required.

Will create a LOGISSUE message in the log if called before a line has been started with LogStart. Posible reasons for this are exceptions causing the normal flow of code to be bypassed or logic errors.

This overload is not available through COM, please use "LogContinue(ByVal Message As String, ByVal HexDump As Boolean)" with HexDump set False to achieve this effect.

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