Values Method
Return a list of the (unnamed and named variables) under the given DriverID and subkey.

Namespace: ASCOM.Utilities.Interfaces
Assembly: ASCOM.Utilities (in ASCOM.Utilities.dll) Version: (


ArrayList Values(
	string DriverID,
	string SubKey
Visual Basic
Function Values ( _
	DriverID As String, _
	SubKey As String _
) As ArrayList
Visual C++
ArrayList^ Values(
	String^ DriverID, 
	String^ SubKey


Type: System..::..String
ProgID of the device to read from
Type: System..::..String
Subkey from the profile root from which to return values

Return Value

An ArrayList of KeyValuePair objects.


The returned object contains entries for each value. For each entry, the Key property is the value's name, and the Value property is the string value itself. Note that the unnamed (default) value will be included if it has a value, even if the value is a blank string. The unnamed value will have its entry's Key property set to an empty string.

The KeyValuePair objects are instances of the KeyValuePair class

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