List the devices of a given device type that are registered in the Profile store

Namespace: ASCOM.Utilities.Interfaces
Assembly: ASCOM.Utilities (in ASCOM.Utilities.dll) Version: (


ArrayList RegisteredDevices(
	string DeviceType
Visual Basic
Function RegisteredDevices ( _
	DeviceType As String _
) As ArrayList
Visual C++
ArrayList^ RegisteredDevices(
	String^ DeviceType


Type: System..::..String
Type of devices to list

Return Value

An ArrayList of KeyValuePair objects of installed devices and associated device descriptions


Use this to find all the registerd devices of a given type that are in the Profile store.

If a DeviceType is supplied, where no device of that type has been registered before on this system, an empty list will be returned

Platform 6 Profile.RegisteredDevices was introduced in Platform 5.5 as a read only property that took DeviceType as a parameter, which is legal syntax in Visual Basic .NET but is not interpreted correctly in C#. Consequently, a breaking change has been introduced in Platform 6 that changes the property into a parameterised method which works correctly in all .NET languages.

This change does not require you to alter your source code but you may need to recompile your application under Platform 6 to ensure that there are no runtime errors.


ASCOM.Utilities.Exceptions..::..InvalidValueExceptionThrow if the supplied DeviceType is empty string or null value.

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