Returns the step size that this device supports (the difference between successive values of the device).

Namespace: ASCOM.DeviceInterface
Assembly: ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces (in ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces.dll) Version: (


double SwitchStep(
	short id
Visual Basic
Function SwitchStep ( _
	id As Short _
) As Double
Visual C++
double SwitchStep(
	short id


Type: System..::..Int16
The device number (0 to MaxSwitch - 1)

Return Value

The step size for this device.


Must be implemented, must not throw MethodNotImplementedException.

SwitchStep, MinSwitchValue and MaxSwitchValue can be used to determine the way the device is controlled and/or displayed, for example by setting the number of decimal places or number of states for a display.

SwitchStep(Int16) must be greater than zero and the number of steps can be calculated as: ((MaxSwitchValue(Int16) - MinSwitchValue(Int16)) / SwitchStep(Int16)) + 1.

The switch range (MaxSwitchValue(Int16) - MinSwitchValue(Int16)) must be an exact multiple of SwitchStep(Int16).

If a two state device cannot report its state, SwitchStep(Int16) should return the value 1.0.

Devices are numbered from 0 to MaxSwitch - 1.

This is a Version 2 method.


ASCOM..::..InvalidValueExceptionIf id is outside the range 0 to MaxSwitch - 1

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