The ITraceLogger type exposes the following members.


Public methodBlankLine
Insert a blank line into the log file
Public methodLogContinue
Appends further message to a line started by LogStart, appends a hex translation of the message to the line, does not terminate the line.
Public methodLogFinish
Closes a line started by LogStart with option to append a translation of the supplied message into HEX
Public methodLogIssue
Logs an issue, closing any open line and opening a continuation line if necessary after the issue message.
Public methodLogMessage
Closes a line started by LogStart with the supplied message and a hex translation of the message
Public methodLogMessageCrLf
Displays a message respecting carriage return and linefeed characters
Public methodLogStart
Writes the time and identifier to the log, leaving the line ready for further content through LogContinue and LogFinish
Public methodSetLogFile
Sets the log filename and type if the constructor is called without parameters


Public propertyEnabled
Enables or disables logging to the file.
Public propertyLogFileName
Return the full filename of the log file being created

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