Switch Drivers

Digital Loggers, Inc. Web Power Switch (V
DownloadThis driver implements the new ASCOM Switch interface, providing standard (and simple) calls to control the outlets on a Digital Loggers Web Power Switch. This was originally developed by Chris Rowland, and is now being maintained by Todd Benko. The 6.0.1 update includes the ability to issue a reboot or cycle to the ports. It also includes some sample integration files for a popular remote astronomy package. Please address messages relating to this driver on the ASCOM Talk Users Group.
PegasusAstro Ultimate Powerbox
DownloadDownload page for the PegasusAstro Ultimate Powerbox power control unit. Has an ASCOM Switch driver for outlet control, and other devices as well.
Seletek Dragonfly Observatory Control
DownloadThe software suite for the Seletek Dragonfly (formerly Firefly) observatory control add-on; remote control software and ASCOM dome and switch driver for fully automated roof and observatory operation. Has passed switch conformance test.