Safety Monitor Drivers

Boltwood Safety Monitor (V6.2 January 2016)
Download This multi-object driver implements Safety Monitor drivers that interface to the Boltwood Weather station and it's clones. Two drivers are provided, OK to Image and OK to Open, they can have different safety limits. In addition, this driver also implements an Observing Conditions driver. This was developed by Chris Rowland. Please address messages relating to this on the ASCOM-Talk Users Group. Requires ASCOM Platform 6.2 or later.
Lunatico's AAG CloudWatcher and Solo safety monitor driver
DownloadThis driver will work with the AAG CloudWatcher, connected to either a PC running the Windows software or to a "Solo", accessing the shared data file from the network. THis has been varified by the ASOCM CONformance chedker. Report is located here.