Rotator Drivers

Astrodon TAKOmeter (external link)
DownloadDriver for the Astrodon TAKometer rotator for Takahashi refractors.
Lunatico's Seletek Rotator
DownloadSoftware and drivers for the Seletek family of controllers. Separate ASCOM drivers are supplied for up to three simultaneous devices (focuser, rotator, dome...). The rotator will drive VSI's Zerotator and any DIY, stepper based ones.
Optec Pyxis Rotator Drivers
DownloadThe button takes you to the Optec, Inc. download page for their drivers. Optec supplies and supports ASCOM drivers for their devices.
RC Optical TCC (external link)
DownloadThe RC Optical Systems Telescope Command Center (TCC) software includes an ASCOM standard rotator driver. For more details visit the RC Optical web site, or contact the manufacturer.