Other Drivers (not in the Platform)

FeatherTouch Focuser Driver (V4.05)
DownloadUpdated focuser driver for the Starlight Instruments FeatherTouch focuser. This is an executable installer. Download and double-click to update the driver.
Lesve Dome Driver (external link)
DownloadDriver for the Lesve Dome system, which uses a Velleman USB controller and DIY electromechanics.
Digital DomeWorks Driver (external link)
DownloadDome driver for the Technical Innovations HomeDome and ProDome, or any other dome controlled with Digital DomeWorks.
Takahashi Temma Driver (external link)
DownloadTelescope driver for the Takahashi Temma. This is a commercial alternative to the Temma driver in the Platform.
Vixen Sphinx Driver (external link)
DownloadTelescope driver for the Vixen Sphinx mount.