ObservingConditions Drivers

Boltwood Weather Monitor (V6.2 January 2016)
Download This multi-object driver implements Observing Conditions drivers that interface to the Boltwood Weather station and it's clones. Two drivers are provided, OK to Image and OK to Open, they can have different safety limits. In addition, this driver also implements a Safety Monitor driver. This was developed by Chris Rowland. Please address messages relating to this on the ASCOM-Talk Users Group. Requires ASCOM Platform 6.2 or later.
Davis VantagePro 2 (Sept 2021 - use latest release)

Download The VantagePro2 weather station is usually serviced by the vendor-supplied WeatherLink software, no ASCOM driver is supplied. This ASCOM ObservingConditions driver bridges this gap. The driver accesses the station's data in one of three operational modes, selectable via the driver's Setup window:

  • A report file generated by WeatherLink (using a supplied template).
  • Directly via serial port
  • Directly via TCP/IP

For more info see the VantagePro 2 Driver Read Me (on GitHub).

Lunatico's Combined Observing Conditions and Safety Monitor Driver
DownloadThis combined driver (safety monitor and observing conditions) will work with Lunatico's range of CloudWatcher products, including the standard CloudWatcher, the pocketCloudWatcher and the Solo. It has been optimized to withstand short network problems. This also contains a Safety Monitor driver.
MBox / MBox Observing Conditions (V1.1 November 2016)
Download Software and driver for the Astromi.ch M/Box, a small self-contained weather sensing device that delivers barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and dew point information with high accuracy. It features a Micro-USB port and comes in a handy, small enclosure.