As of August 2022, we no longer host drivers here. Drivers formerly hosted here have been moved to the ASCOM Ghost & Legacy Drivers repository on GitHub.

Download Center

This page lists items that the ASCOM Initiative has made available for download. The ASCOM Platform is required for most of the drivers and other components. It contains a set of common interfaces, engines, and tools that are used to support most ASCOM drivers and other components. The Platform installer also contains a set of developer tools and documentation which may be optionally installed.

Platform Installation Notes

NEW: Platform 6.6SP2 will install .NET 3.5 as needed. It is no longer required that users do this using the Windows tools.

Driver Downloads

This is where you can get drivers for your astronomy instruments and devices. The links along the left side lead to the drivers for each device type.

Note: Do not rename downloaded drivers, this may defeat backward compatibility features and might prevent your driver from installing. If you receive a message that 'Platform 5 is required' then please check carefully that your setup filename is indentical to the one on the web site. Don't be tempted to downgrade your Platform install to fix this type of issue, please refer to the FAQ for advice or post a message on ASCOM-Talk.

If you don't find a driver for your device here, contact the manufacturer and inquire about availability of a driver. An increasing number of manufacturers are shipping drivers with their hardware (see the Projects page). If they don't have one, suggest to them that they have one developed, as it will greatly enhance the value of their product. See the Advocacy page for some suggestions in this regard.

Plug-in Downloads

This is where you can get the plug-ins that allow programs such as TheSky and SkyMap Pro to connect to ASCOM Drivers. Note that most programs that use astronomical devices already use ASCOM drivers and thus need no plug-ins.

Additional Downloads

These components are not drivers; they are engines that are primarily of interest to developers. Included are a scriptable positional astronomy engine based on the USNO NOVAS Vector Astrometry package, an orbit engine that can generate ephemerides from orbital elements, and a scriptable deep sky catalog server with over 70,000 object names listed.

Developer Downloads

The most useful item here (under Additional Tools) is the Conformance Checker (written by Peter Simpson). This tool can be used to check many aspects of yor driver against the relevant ASCOM specification.

ASCOM Alpaca Cross-Platform Downloads

For more information and download links, see the separate ASCOM Alpaca page here.

Platform 6.6SP2

Download Platform

Platform 6.6SP2 Release Notes
Platform Help (online)

This will install the Platform on a new PC, and it will also upgrade older Platform versions.