Dome and Roof Drivers

ACL Dome (5.0.2)
DownloadInstalls a driver for domes which use dome controllers that speak the Astronomy Control Language (a serial-line packet protocol originally developed by Merlin Controls).
Astro Haven Clamshells (external link)
DownloadDriver for the Astro Haven clamshells. This driver was written by 3rd party developer Michel Meunier.
CyberDrive (5.0.1)
DownloadInstalls a driver for the Boyd Observatories CyberDrive dome control systems.
Digital DomeWorks (external link)
DownloadDriver for the Technical Innovations Digital DomeWorks dome controller. Has passed conformance test.
Foster Systems Roll Off Roof and Dome Controllers (external link)
DownloadDrivers for the Foster Systems Roll off Roof and Dome Controllers. Supports dome automation from Explora-Dome, DDW and other providers. Integrates observatory control functions, such as power, weather, dew management, prime power monitoring.
DPP Lesve Dome Net (external link)
DownloadDriver for the Lesve Dome Net control system. This is a rejuvenated effort for the original Lesve Dome, with new electronics and a .NET based driver. For more information visit the LesveDomeNet web site.
MaxDome (external link)
DownloadDriver for the MaxDome II Dome Control System by Diffraction Limited. The latest driver for the older MaxDome I controller is also available here. Note that a firmware upgrade may be required for the latest driver!
NexDome (external link)
DownloadDriver for the NexDome dome controller. Has passed conformance test.
Omega Lab OCS III Dome Driver (external link)
Download Omega Lab's OCS III includes an ASCOM Dome driver interface that has passed the ASCOM Conformance test. For more information visit the Omega Lab OCS III web site.
PC-TCS (combined telescope/focuser/dome 5.0.1)
DownloadInstalls a driver for the COMSOFT PC-TCS telescope control systems. This driver provides combined telescope, focuser, and dome interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs.
ScopeDome Dome and Roll-Off Roof Observatory
DownloadThe driver and control program for the ScopeDome dome and roll-off roof controller. Has passed conformance test.
Seletek Dragonfly Observatory Control
DownloadThe software suite for the Seletek Dragonfly (formerly Firefly) observatory control add-on; remote control software and ASCOM dome and switch driver for fully automated roof and observatory operation. Has passed switch conformance test.