Developer Tools

This page lists developer tools not included in the ASCOM Platform. Be sure to check the Platform Tool Updates page for updates to the tools that are included with the ASCOM Platform.

ASCOM.Alpaca.Simulators - Cross-Platform all-device simulators package
DownloadASCOM Alpaca Simulators (sometimes called the OmniSim) is a combined set of simulators for all Alpaca device types. The goal is to be as compliant as possible with the Alpaca specification. Runs on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.
Pre-Release Universal Driver Conformance Checker (Alpaca and ASCOM/COM)
DownloadConform Universal (ConformU) is a cross-platform tool to validate that Alpaca Devices and ASCOM Drivers conform to the ASCOM interface specification. ConformU runs natively on Linux, Arm, MacOS and Windows and, when out of beta, will supersede the original Windows Forms based Conform application listed below. Runs on Linux, MacOS< and Windows.
Driver Conformance Checker (updated Jan 2022, for Platform 6 and later)
DownloadThis tool performs a comprehensive set of tests on a driver to determine its conformance with the relevant ASCOM interface standard. It also tests some aspects of driver behavior against the reference implementation. Use this tool to test your driver before each release (even pre-production). Please come back periodically to get the lastest version. We add tests as additional issues are discovered.