Camera & Video Drivers

ASCOM Video Collection by Video Standard Author (external link)
DownloadDrivers for video cameras as well as a C# client reference implementation for using video via ACSCOM and some anecdotal info on the 2 year development of this new ASCOM Standard and tools.
Celestron Nightscape Cameras (external link)
DownloadDrivers for Celestron Nightscape cameras are available from the manufacturer.
Diffraction Limited (external link)
DownloadASCOM Drivers for SBIG Aluma CCD cameras, SBIG Aluma AC-series SCMOS cameras, SBIG STC-series cameras using the DL Imaging Drivers.
Finger Lakes Instrumentation (external link)
DownloadDrivers for Finger Lakes cameras are available from the manufacturer.
IDS, AVT/Prosilica and Basler fast cameras (external link)
DownloadASCOM drivers for IDS, AVT/Prosilica and Basler fast cameras. You can find the compatibility matrix on Genika Astro web site (button on the right). They support Binning 1 and 2, AoI and gain setting in 8 bits mode. AVT requires UNI SDK 2.1; Basler the Pylon 3.2 and IDS the uEye SDK 4.2. All require the .NET SDK version.
Panasonic Lumix (external link)
DownloadDrivers for the Panasonic Lumix cameras. The button leads to the GitHub site with documentation and a video tutorial. Scroll down to see the intaller link.
Orion StarShoot Family (external link)
DownloadDrivers for several models of Orion's astrophotography cameras are available from the manufacturer.
Quantum Scientific (external link)
DownloadDrivers for Quantum Scientific cameras are available from the manufacturer.
Raspberry Pi 12MB Color Sensor (external link)
DownloadSince May 1st 2020 a High Quality camera sensor was released for the Raspberry Pi. This 12 MB sensor is now made available for ASCOM clients via this ASCOM driver which enables applications to make color images of up to 240 seconds duration. The sensor (separately available) provides a low entry astrophotography high resolution color camera. Instructions for installing and running this software is included in the included readme file.
Starlight XPress (external link)
DownloadDrivers for Starlight XPress cameras are availble from Dad Dog Development, Ltd.