Creating a Driver Installer

The ASCOM Platform does not include any drivers. Thus, you are responsible for making your driver self-installing. If you already have a preferred set of tools for making Windows Setup packages, by all means use them for your driver's installer. InstallShield, Wise, and Visual Studio Deployment are all suitable for driver installer development.

The Free InnoSetup Installer Tool

If you don't already have installer development tools, you can use the free InnoSetup installer development package along with the Driver Install Script Maker that is provided with the ASCOM Developer Components. The script maker generates a special script for InnoSetup, which then compiles the script producing an executable Windows Setup package. Often you can use the InnoSetup script without any changes, but you may need to tweak it if your driver has special files or other requirements. Most developers find InnoSetup very easy to learn and use.

When you first open the script maker, you'll see a hyperlink at the top that leads to the InnoSetup web site from which you can download the main InnoSetup package as well as the Quick Start Pack (required). Install those two packages and you'll be ready to go. If you need help, feel free to ask for it on the ASCOM Talk Developers forum.