Initiative Partners

The following companies support the ASCOM initiative, and either have products or drivers available which are ASCOM compatible or have embraced the ASCOM requirements. This list encompasses drivers, clients which use drivers, as well as programs that offer proprietary scripting capabilities. Note that the ASCOM requirements prohibit vendors from explicitly using the name ASCOM in conjunction with experimental, beta, or other unsupported products, so you may not see ASCOM explicitly mentioned for their products. Products are listed in alphabetic order by product name. Also, some of these links and products may be out of date. We rely on the authors to inform us of changes.

ASCOM Partners (by product)

Product Type Vendor
ACP Observatory Control Software Both DC-3 Dreams, SP
Apogee Instruments Camera Controller Server Apogee Instruments, Inc.
APT - Astro Photography Tool Client Incanus Ltd.
ASC/ATC & Ricerca - Full Observatory Control Client Omega Lab
AstroArt 3.0 * 96 Bit Image Processing Client MSB Software
AstroHub Both Aquest, Inc.
AstroMC Observatory Integration and Control Both Foster Systems, LLC
Astro-Optik Research Telescopes Server Astro-Optik (Philipp Keller)
AstroMB: Computer Aided Astronomy Client MBCAA (Michel Bonnardeau)
Astro-Stepper Server Chris Mansfield
AutomaDome Dome Control Software Both Software Bisque
AutomaDome ASCOM Adapter (DomeAPI) Adapter Software-y-Ddraig
Boltwood Cloud Sensor Server Diffraction Limited
Boxdörfer Powerflex MTS-3 Telescope Controller Server Dr.-Ing. Arno Pernozzoli
CCDAutoPilot Automated Imaging Client CCDWare
CCD Commander Automated Imaging Client Matt Thomas
Deepsky 2011 Client Steven S. Tuma
Deep-Sky Planner Client Knightware, LLC
DFM Telescope Control System Server DFM Engineering
Digital Dome Works Dome Control Both Technical Innovations
Digital Dome Works ASCOM Driver Driver Software-y-Ddraig & Technical Innovations
Digital Setting Circles Driver Driver David Ek
DSLR Focus Assist Software Client Chris Venter
DslrStar Image Acquisition Software Client Cercis Astro
Earth Centered Universe Pro Planetarium/Telescope Control Software Client Nova Astronomics
EasySky Pro Planetarium and Astrometry Client Matthias Busch
Eye & Telescope Deep Sky Observation Planner Client Oculum
EQ-MOD Stepper Controller Project Client Project Leader
Explore Scientific Go-To Mounts Driver Explore Scientific
FeatherTouch Focuser Driver Starlight Instruments
FLI CCD Cameras (ASCOM Standard Camera Drivers) Drivers Finger Lakes Instruments
FocusAide and PCFocus Both Aquest, Inc.
FocusMax Auto-Focus Software Both CCDWare
FocusStar Automated Focusing System Client Cercis Astro
Genika Astro camera drivers Drivers AiryLab
GPUSB Guide Port Interface Adapter Server Shoestring Astronomy
Guide Planetarium Software Client Project Pluto
Hallo Northern Sky Planetarium Program Client Han Kleijn
Kepler Orbit Engine (deprecated) Both Robert B. Denny
LakesideAstro Motor Focus System Server Lakeside Astro
LightPhase Focuser Controller Server Cheadle Astro Technology
Maestro Telescope Control System Both Astrometric Instruments, Inc.
MaxDome Dome Control System Server Diffraction Limited
MaxIm DL/CCD Image Processing Both Diffraction Limited
MaxPoint Telescope Pointing Correction Software Both Diffraction Limited
Microfocuser MFD_NET Server Microfocuser.COM
Microtouch Focuser Server Starizona
Mini-SAC Scriptable Deep Sky Catalog Both Robert B. Denny
MPCORB Scriptable Orbital Elements Catalog Both Robert B. Denny
NGC View Catalog Server and Display Both Rainman Software
Nightscape Cameras Driver Celestron, LLC
NOVAS-COM Vector Astrometry Engine (deprecated) Server USNO and ASCOM Initiative
OGS Research Telescopes Server Optical Guidance Systems
PEMPro Mount Optimizing Software Client Sirius Imaging/CCDWare
PinPoint Astrometric Engine Server DC-3 Dreams, SP
PC-TCS Telescope Control System Server COMSOFT, Inc.
PoleAlign Max Telescope Alignment Tool Client Larry Weber and Steve Brady
PRiSM Astronomy Software Client ALCOR Systems
ProGuider webcam guiding and focusing Client Astronica
QSI CCD Cameras (ASCOM Camera Standard Drivers) Server Quantum Scientific, Inc.
Rolling Roof Computer Interface Server Chuck Faranda
RoboFocus Both Technical Innovations
Servo Focus Controller Both RC Optical Systems
ScopeDome Sky Observatory Both
Sidereal Technology Telescope Servo-Drive System Server Sidereal Technology
SkyMap Pro Client SkyMap Software
SkyTools 2 Client SkyHound
STAR Atlas:PRO Planetarium Client SKYLab Astronomy Software
SkyObserver Planetarium Client Stefan Kraus
Starry Night Pro Both Simulation Curriculum Corp.
Takahashi Temma ASCOM driver Server Software-y-Ddraig (Tim Long)
Temperature Compensating Focuser Both Optec, Inc.
TheSky Astronomy Software Both Software Bisque
Virtual Moon Atlas Client Christian Legrand and Patrick Chevalley
Vixen Sphinx Driver Server Peter Enzerink
WeatherWatcher for ACP Server Chuck Faranda
Worldwide Telescope Client Microsoft Research

Note: In the table, a "client" is a program which uses the services of one or more ASCOM component object servers. "A "server" is a program or component that provides scriptable objects to clients. A program marked "both" uses objects from one or more other ASCOM servers, and also provides scriptable objects of its own for use by other clients. An 'adapter" is a component that converts a proprietary interface to an ASCOm standard interface, allowing compatibility with ASCOM-compliant programs.