Migration to Groups.io Fall 2018 Has Completed

With 2018 being the 20th Anniversary year of the ASCOM Initiative, it was time we moved away from the outdated Yahoo! Groups system and onto a much more modern and functional forum system. Also, along with this improvement, we now offer separate discussion areas to our two primary groups: ASCOM Platform users and ASCOM application / driver developers.

Why did we dothis?

The ASCOM Talk moderators took a look at the many newer and more powerful systems out there and we have chosen Groups.io as our new platform. Here are some of the reasons we picked Groups.io:

What Happened in Early October 2018?

We used the groups.io automatic migration process. All of the historic ASCOM-Talk messages and our current user base have been migrated and we have closed the Yahoo forum. You should have already receive notification and welcome emails.

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