The ASCOM Initiative Community

The ASCOM Initiative is a group of developers and astronomical instrument makers that work together to bring plug-and play compatibility between astronomy software and astronomical instruments. ASCOM stands for the Astronomy Common Object Model.

Virtually all of the discussions between developers takes place on the ASCOM-Talk Forum. In addition, astronomy software users with questions and problems concerning drivers often use this forum for assistance. To the degree possible the regulars try to help.

In addition, we have a Facebook page for ASCOM.

Open Source Community Development

All development of the ASCOM Platform, and some of the driver developments, are being done in an open source community environment. Sources for all Platform components and some drivers reside on the GitHub server. Developers often use the Tortoise Git client for Windows Explorer as well as the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or Team Foundation, giving them communal access to sources, and the ability to make changes and additions while having their work automatically merged with that of others.

ASCOM-Talk Forum

Go to Forum

Go to the ASCOM-Talk forum on Yahoo! Groups. You will need a Yahoo! account to post messages there, but you can read messages anonymously