.NET Client Toolkit (recommended)

NOTICE - The Client Toolkit library is included in the ASCOM Platform. Make sure you start with at least Platform 6.0 installed!

The ASCOM Platform includes a .NET assembly (the Client Toolkit library) that provides a consistent interface from client applications to the latest Platform standard. It also provides a facade over drivers written to earlier ASCOM interface standards. These earlier drivers may not have implementations of newer interface members, and the Client Toolkit hides these differences. Finally, the Client Toolkit provides strongly typed calling and IntelliSense for the driver interfaces, making .NET development much more convenient and safer. Astronomy software developers wishing to use ASCOM drivers from .NET applications are encouraged to use this library.


The Client Toolkit is an assembly that is always installed into the .NET Global Assembly Cache. Thus, everyone who installs the ASCOM Platform will have the Client Toolkit installed. You do not need to include the Client Toolkit assembly in your software's distribution, and you must not do so.

To use the Client Toolkit, simply add its reference from the .NET reference tab of your project (after the ASCOM Developer Components have been installed).

Using the Client Toolkit

Details on using the Client Toolkit are in the ASCOM Developer Help document that is installed when you install the ASCOM Developer Components. Included is an example of how to use the Client Toolkit from .NET.