ASCOM Initiative Mission Statement

  1. Establish a set of vendor-independent, language-independent , and (2019) platform independent, interface standards for drivers that provide plug-and-play control of astronomical instruments and related devices.
  2. Provide general requirements and guidance for quality and behavior of drivers.
  3. Promote the use of these standard drivers from any astronomy-related software.
  4. Ensure that drivers are usable from the widest possible variety of programs and languages and platforms, including Windows Active Script languages and Automation based tools, Internet ReSt protocols, Linux, and MacOS.
  5. Promote (but not absolutely require) open-source implementations of the drivers.
  6. Promote scriptability of astronomy software without standardizing application level interfaces (which would inhibit innovation).
  7. Provide general requirements for quality and behavior of application scripting interfaces, aimed at making astronomy application writers' experiences consistent and robust.