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ALERT: Windows 8.1 and 10 January 2018 Security Updates
UPDATE: Windows 10 v1709 KB4058258 Appears to Correct Previous Problem

On Windows 8 and 10, the January 2018 Cumulative Security Rollup KB4056898 (W8.1) and KB4056892 (W10 1709) caused connectivity issues between ASCOM components. Inbound connections to EXE drivers or API interfaces are affected. DLL based drivers are not affected. This was caused by a change in security that affected an obscure feature that was introduced for an astronomy product many years ago. As of 31-Jan, it appears that Microsoft has reversed out the security change in KB4073291 (w10 1709), which may be included in the 31-Jan KB4058258 (W10 1709). We believe that those of you who changed the authentication level will still be OK, and those who used the ASCOM provided tool can run it again and revert the security level back to its original. Be sure you have the brand new KB update for your OS/version before doing this. No changes to any drivers will be needed going forward.

Welcome to the ASCOM Initiative

This is the home of the ASCOM Initiative, a loosely-knit group of astronomy software developers and astronomy device manufacturers devoted to vendor-independent plug-and-play control. ASCOM is a many-to-many and language-independent architecture, supported by most astronomy devices which connect to Windows computers. The diagram below shows how ASCOM differs from traditional astronomy instrument control architectures.


I would like to say a huge Thank You to the ASCOM team for making it so easy for manufacturers to support their hardware with ASCOM compliant drivers. The documentation, templates, and timely and accurate answers to questions on this forum have made my latest driver development an enjoyable and relatively simple process -
Doug Anderson, Shoestring Astronomy

I've just been able to fix a rather obscure problem with my ASCOM drivers thanks to the wealth of information available, including the great VS templates. Once again, I should say, the samples etc. have also been of great help in the past. As a manufacturer/developer, and of course as an astronomer, I find ASCOM to be one of the best things to have happened to the community, and it's getting better with every new version. So just wanted to say - Thank you guys!
Jaime Alemany - Lunático Astronomía S. L.

ASCOM Platform 6.3 is Current

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For more information on the ASCOM Initiative, see the About ASCOM section.

ASCOM Platform 6.3

Download Platform

Platform 6.3 Help (online)

Required for all drivers (see notes for Windows 7 and Windows XP!). This will install the Platform on a new PC, and it will also upgrade earlier installations of Platform versions 4, 5, and 6.

Drivers & Plug-ins

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Download and install the driver(s) for your astronomy instruments and devices. You'll also find plug-ins for TheSky and other useful tools and components here for download.